Why Us

Wealth Friends’
Value Proposition

Wealth Friends is committed to helping individuals build and preserve their wealth. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our Wealth Friends investment plans and Wealth Insuring were designed and are managed to help individuals achieve sustainable wealth and all it entails.

Wealth Friends’ clients recognize
the added value they gain from their
relationship with us, including

  • Knowledgeable, insightful leadership and experienced wealth managers, investment professional and insurance advisors
  • The application of real-time data and analytics, backed by sophisticated computer technologies to facilitate sound decision-making and investment management
  • Longstanding partnerships with experienced investment, financial, accounting and distribution/brokerage firms that place our clients’ interests above all
  • A commitment to helping a wide range of people – at all stages of life, with various income levels and investor profiles – gain financial security and sustainable wealth
  • A culture of open communication, transparency, low costs, performance and integrity
  • A rich history rooted in the Mahrberg family office legacy dating back centuries – one which imparts stability, trust and loyalty to its customers and business partners across the world

“With wealth comes responsibility.” - Jonathan Sacks

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