Wealth Management

Imagine A Great
Investment Experience

The founders of Wealth Friends, the Principal Family of The Mahrberg Family Office, believe that everyone should have access to professional investment and wealth management tools, and that investments intrinsically hold the same value for everyone. Regardless of your tolerance for risk or life stage, there is an investment plan that can help you build and preserve sustainable wealth. We are driven by the desire to help you capture the best investment opportunities in accordance with your investment personality and goals. Our plans are focused on achieving long-term wealth accumulation by leveraging the advantages of a single investment with the benefits of continuous savings. Combined, they deliver a powerful performance.

"Our family's history is characterized by a culture of stable partnerships
that respect the individual, the partner, the family and all who have
placed their trust in us. Those who maintain a stable family
culture also will be able to maintain stability in their
business relationships and sustainable success."
- Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari

Investment Safety
and Transparency Matter

Wealth Friends’ investment plans utilize an investment funds family known as the “Wealth Funds.” This European umbrella fund currently has four sub-funds managed in compliance with the UCITS IV-norm. The UCITS-IV regulations come under the “Undertakings for the Collective Investment of Transferable Securities” framework of regulations designed to create a common regime throughout Europe for the management and sale of mutual funds. They are among the most stringent in aligning fund depositories’ duties and the fiscal responsibilities of fund managers’ remuneration requirements. The underlying objective is to advance proper due diligence, investment safety and transparency.

The Wealth Funds were developed during the past ten years in Luxembourg; renowned as a dominant location for investment funds in Europe. Approximately 70% of assets under management in the investment fund area emanate from Luxembourg.

“Wealth flows from energy and ideas.” - William Feather

To assure sound investment management across continents,Wealth Friends has built a strong infrastructure led by a team of well-established firms. They include:

  • Mahrberg Wealth
    (Principality of Liechtenstein)
    Investment Manager
  • Lemanik Asset
    Management S.A
    Management Company
  • KBL European Private
    Bankers S.A
  • European Fund
    Administrator S.A
    (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)
    Registrar/Transfer Agent