Mahrberg Group History

A Legacy Rich in History
& Successful Wealth Strategies

Applying a history with roots dating back centuries and steeped in sustainable wealth strategies, The Mahrberg Group offers its private and institutional clientele peace of mind that their assets are being managed prudently, cost-effectively and to the highest standards of quality assurance. All portfolios are meticulously monitored and managed with principles of diversification within various asset classes, balancing and rebalancing, and adjusted to meet a client’s long-term goals and life changes. All client relationships are built on a foundation of integrity and accountability. Open communications, detailed reports and documentation, and other processes based on safety and transparency such as an independent auditor’s compilation of annual accounts and fund accounting reviews, further help to build the longstanding bond and trust Mahrberg enjoys with its clients.

Over the course of its history, The Mahrberg Group, under the Presidency of Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari, has established strong, working relationships with business partners across the continents. These financial service providers, distributors/brokers, professional service firms and family offices rely on Mahrberg for its breadth of synergistic offerings and the expertise of an experienced, knowledgeable team.

The Mahrberg Group’s owners strongly believe in philanthropy and the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy. Over the decades, the Principal Family has been contributing to people in need. For the last few years, however, the focus of their social responsible investments is education. A recent example of its charitable giving is the formation of the SRI Brand Mahrberg Library. Created on Christmas Eve by the principal family of The Mahrberg Group, it was inspired by “The Christmas Tree that lights up for a better world.” Its mission is to help the children and people of the world gain the education they need to understand the value of life and learn to live for the betterment of themselves and others. The Mahrberg Library paves the way for greater knowledge, awareness and ultimately, love, hope and joy.

The Mahrberg Group's core values and competencies,
rich tradition and deep concern for people
are what drive our mission.
- Mag Fleur D.S. Spari

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