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Wealth Friends

Friend Us and
Build Your Wealth.

At Wealth Friends, our singular mission is to help you build and preserve your wealth. We accomplish this goal by sound investment plans and wealth insurance products that reflect the highest standards in investment opportunity, security, flexibility and sustainability.

Wealth Friends offers a robust investment plan with three different opportunities associated with different risk levels, as well as five different actively-managed wealth insurance funds. Each Wealth Friend offering is professionally managed in full regulatory compliance, safely and with complete transparency. In sum, you gain the choices you need to meet your investment goals, and the confidence in knowing Wealth Friends is looking after your interests and helping to build sustainable wealth for you and your family.

"We recognize that the value of money is intrinsic
for all hardworking individuals and respect
their investments on that basis."
- Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari

  • Wealth Friends

    Wealth Friends offers investors three different investment opportunities which correspond to different risk levels.

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  • Wealth Insuring

    Wealth Friends is a strong proponent of insurance as a means to help provide financial security. However, Wealth Friends believes in insurance to the highest power. That is, we believe the right insurance can meet multiple needs from protection to investment and wealth accumulation.

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  • Wealth Management

    Imagine a great investment experience

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A Value-Added Relationship
You Can Rely On

Wealth Friends is committed to helping individuals build and preserve their wealth. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our Wealth Friends investment plans and Wealth Insuring investment funds were designed and are managed to help individuals achieve sustainable wealth and all it entails.

"We value all clients equally and treat each
one as if he/she was our biggest client."
- Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari

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Trusted Leaders Renowned for Their Economic Insights and Values

At the helm of Wealth Friends are the founding Mahrberg Family Office and a Management team with a long history of experience and performance within the wealth management sector.
Their proven track record in Family Office Management, asset management and protection, coupled with in-depth knowledge of diverse investment funds, insurance products and related services, has made them well-respected, trusted leaders in their field.

"We value all clients equally and treat each
one as if he/she was our biggest client."
- Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari

  • Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari,President

    Mag. Erwin-Maria Spari shares the Chair of The Mahrberg Family Office together with his wife, Mag. Fleur D.S. Spari and is President of The Mahrberg Group. Headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein, this family of companies focuses on wealth, investment and asset management activities. Under Mag. Spari’s leadership The Mahrberg Group, along with its holdings, has grown to become a global player in the areas of wealth management, asset and portfolio allocation, fund development, financial engineering, impact investment and related consulting services.

    Mag. Spari has imparted on his organization a constitution with a strong culture based on family values of loyalty, integrity and performance. By empowering his team with these values and a commitment to the highest standards of service, he has led The Mahrberg Group on a path of steady growth, innovation and stability. Both private and institutional investors and business partners have come to rely on the Mahrberg organization as a result of the strong leadership provided by Mag. Spari’s family.

  • Prof. Dr. Christof Helberger,Head of Asset Management Advisory Board

    Prof. Dr. Helberger is the former Chair for Economy, as well as Professor of Economic and Social Policy at the Technical University of Berlin. He is well-recognized for his sound economic insights, macroeconomics and over 25 years of experience in portfolio management, equity and capital markets. As a former professor of economic policy, Prof. Dr. Helberger has shared his knowledge with countless students many of whom are now in key positions within the fields of economics, finance and investments.

    He has led the Asset Management Board of the Wealth Funds for a decade. Currently, Prof. Dr. Helberger is a Member of the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (DVFA) and the Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW), and is admitted to the financial portfolio management by the federal Financial Regulator (BaFin).

A Legacy Rich in History
and Successful Wealth Strategies

The Mahrberg Group, headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein, is a global wealth and asset management organization. Mahrberg offers comprehensive wealth, asset, portfolio and allocation management, as well as Family Office services, fund design and setup, and strategic management. In addition to Liechtenstein, Mahrberg has offices in Milan, Dubai, Mahé, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore.

Wealth Friends

Regional Master Distributors
An Outstanding Team of
Regionally-Based Advisors

Wealth Friends’ Wealth Fund benefits from the oversight and management of leading licensed and regulated entities covering key markets. Mahrberg Wealth AG (Principality of Liechtenstein), a member of The Mahrberg Group, is a Licensed & Regulated Wealth Management Company serving individual and institutional investors in Europe. MIGAM PTE LTD. (Singapore) is the master distributor for the international market.

Experienced, Dedicated

In addition to these regional master advisors, Wealth Friends is supported by numerous other highly qualified and reputable supporting distributors/brokers.

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